Thursday, April 18, 2019

Accessing Venture Capital Starts With Building Networks and Teams

Daniel “Dan” Prechtel is a respected presence in the Atlanta entrepreneurial community who leads OneSource Venture Capital, LLC. Focusing on businesses that can be funded through a single source, Daniel Prechtel matches angel investors with promising entrepreneurs.

One key to gaining traction with venture capital firms is to earning the trust of colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs, in order to gain warm introductions to those with capital. These professionals can include investment bankers, attorneys, and those who have already taken a great idea and run with it.

The first thing most investors look at, beyond the specific concept or technology in play, is whether a reliable, effective team has been built around it. Even in cases where investment firms place talent with companies they seed, having a committed, talented core team from the outset makes the process much easier and more effective. 

A proven route to building up these connections centers on gaining admission to incubators and technology accelerators, such as Y Combinator. This signals to investors a baseline level of competency and potential.